Restaurant Review: Bibou

Ever heard of Bibou restaurant of Chef Pierre Calmels? It is one of the premium restaurants in Philadelphia that are quite famous with their reputation of delectable French cuisine. Bibou is a tiny restaurant, just a 30 seat French BYOB, here in Bella Vista. One thing that you might find quite a bit irksome is that reservations in Bibou are hard to come by.

Many customers of the said restaurant have all been trying to get reservation at Bibou, but it simply isn’t. What makes it so is that the fact that die hard regulars of the restaurant usually make reservations in quite a regular schedule. That being the case, it is no wonder that Bibou are always so full. With this, you need to make sure you can make reservation quite in advance.

An Expert to Prepare Delectable Food for You

As a premium restaurant, of course, you can only expect that food choices, cuisine that an expert prepared for you. Chef Pierre Calmels of Bibou has been a long-time chef of the prestigious Le Bef-Fin and while there, he has mentored a number of the finest chefs in Philadelphia. Before that, he has also worked in some of the country’s best kitchens including kitchens of Daniel Bouloud. It was then in 2009 when Chef Calmels opened Bibou and has since then become of the best restaurants in Philadelphia.

Bibou Restaurant Review

Innovative Dishes of the Freshest Ingredients to Offer You

As for the food, you can find that Bibou offers you quite a list of innovative dishes made of the freshest ingredients. Of course, there are some dishes the restaurant offers that are staples which include the loyalists’ favorite – the ever tender and flavorfully delicious escargot. When you order this dish, don’t be put off with snails for surely, you will love Bibou’s escargot that is nothing but extraordinary. It is all thanks to how the escargot is slow cooked to get just the best flavorful broth out of it.

What’s more, the dishes that Bibou is here to offer you are not only appetizing but are also quite stimulating. One of the best and favorite in Bibou is the soft-shell crab that was an instant hit to customers thanks to the crispy yet tender crab, tomatoes and amazing citrusy-sauce. This is only one of the hit dishes that you find yourself falling into when you eat your heart out in Bibou.

Review: Bibou Restaurant

Absolutely Lovely Dining Experience 

It is not only the food that will make swoon with Bibou, but also the lovely dining experience they have to offer. Eating in Bibou leaves you quite satisfied that you might find yourself refusing to leave. Either with yourself, family or friends, eating out in Bibou allows you to fall in love in the place’s brilliance. This is what makes Bibou such a special place not only for the locals but even the tourists that find themselves in the place. While the restaurant may have a few problems here and there, still people have always find themselves enjoying the food, service and ambiance in Bibou.