Laurel Restaurant Review

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Laurel is a modern French-American BYOB restaurant you can easily find on the East Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia. When it says Laurel Restaurant in Philadelphia, they simply boast intimate dining of in a relaxing dining room of 226-seat where you will be presented with such a refined menu, either seasonal or local. The Laurel restaurant takes pride in providing best cuisine that’s focused on simplicity and sustainability.

The restaurant is owned by Chef Nicholas Elmi who prepares the food served in the restaurant himself. Chef Elmi offers the customers of Laurel with only a wide variety of options allowing customers to try out and create their own tasty menu. The Laurel BYOB restaurant is East Passyuk Avenue’s latest addition which has recently just gotten national praise. Being a French-American restaurant, Laurel offers customers with a wide range of creative and delectable dishes perfect for customers with the palate for specific types of dishes.

Laurel Restaurant Review Philadelphia

Delicious Dinner of Rich, Unique Flavors

One of the things that set Laurel apart from other restaurants is their inspiring, tasty dinners prepared by Chef Elmi. Customers often take note of how fun and creative the foods are, especially just how they experiment with flavors which can easily blow your mind. As one customer once said in a review, customers who are interested in the “molecular gastronomy” kind of cooking, apparently, Laurel is the place you should be.

With Laurel, your curiosity will simply be satisfied with the awesome food they readily serve you. Of course, there are also other food choices in Laurel that’s traditional but with new kick and spice added to it. If it is delicious food that you are looking for, the Laurel Restaurant is one that is highly recommended in South Philadelphia. That, plus a lot of other things you would also certainly love.

Review: Laurel Restaurant

Intimate Setting, Impeccable Service and Cool Experience

The Laurel Restaurant is characterized for being an upscale and small but very intimate restaurant. More so, the restaurant is known in the neighborhood with its nothing but impeccable service. This is exactly what makes people to back time and time again to the restaurant. At the same time, Laurel has just that really cool atmosphere especially the fact that the chef’s table is placed outside. In terms of service, the staff is quite accommodating and not just with service, so is for dietary restrictions and food allergies.

Laurel Philadelphia Review

Never Disappoints You

One that you can expect with Laurel Restaurant is that it will never disappoint you in everything you thought and ever wanted. This fine dining restaurant has for you nothing but great culinary from start to finish. It is not only with the Chef, but even with their server who is a professional in this service and capable of making you feel welcome and very comfortable. This is one of the reasons that customers flock in Laurel every time. As for flaws, perhaps one of those you can complain is that the place can be crowded sometimes. As such, it is best that you don’t eat out in Laurel in big groups to experience comfortable crowd and truly enjoy the experience.