Paesano’s Philly Style Sandwich Restaurant Review

“Philly isn’t just about cheesesteaks, but Paesano’s has one the best!” – Yun O. (Owner of Tow Truck Honolulu)

If you are looking for a perfect sandwich shop, Philadelphia locals will tell you none other none Paesano’s. Many locals love Paesano’s Philly Style sandwich, the shop’s specialty and just the best sandwich you can ever enjoy. There are a few reasons why customers love Paesano’s sandwich. For one, everything about the sandwich is done exactly as it should be. Every element of the sandwich is purposeful and deliberate, as a customer said which contributes as to how delicious their sandwiches are.

Unique Philly Style Sandwiches of Italian Inspiration 

One of the things that make the Paesano’s unique and quite the popular restaurant is their very unique Philly Style sandwiches which is Italian inspired. Sandwiches in Paesano are definitely of Philly Style and Italia creation that is perfect for when you want a casual culinary experience.  Paesano was created and opened by Chef Peter McAndrews with the help of his partner, Nathan Baynes, which is a dream come true for the both of them. 

Paesano’s Sandwich Restaurant Review

The locals of Philadelphia all have high expectations when it comes to their sandwiches and many are content to say that Paesano’s is the best. Paesano was able to pass the pride and expectations of Philadelphians and that is all evident with the Paesano reviews you can find. Eating at Paesano’s, you will find they have a short menu. But, it does not mean that your sandwich cravings will not be satisfied because it will.

There are 10 sandwich choices in Paesano’s which comes with 2 specials, plus some sides as well. As for the price, the sandwiches can be bought at about 6 to 8 dollars. One of the things you must know when in Paesano’s is that there are times that the counter gets crowded and so are tables. Not to worry though, the crowd in Paesano has never been to the point of hassle. The crowd simply shows how Paesano is one definitely a favorite place for when it comes to Philly Style sandwich.

Paesano’s Restaurant Review

Great, Accommodating Service 

It is not only the sandwich that customers love in Paesano’s, but also their staff that is always accommodating and friendly. With the fact that it can be quite crowded in Paesano, their staff makes it more bearable with great customer service all for the comfort of the customers. This is why customers love to go get their Philly Style sandwich in Paesano.

Aside from the delectable food and great service, you will also love their outdoor table setting although the bar is quite limited. These are yet some of the things that customers love about Paesano’s and the reason why they keep coming back. With all these, it is not surprising that Paesano’s Philly Style Sandwich Restaurant is a crowd favorite and is a celebrated sandwich shop in all of Philadelphia.

Paesano’s Philly Sandwich Restaurant Review

Another of the customers love about Paesano’s is how the chef’s no-nonsense attitude. When it comes to Paesano’s, you can expect that serving you and giving you satisfying service is a serious business for them. That being the case, it is no wonder that Paesano’s is one sandwich shop you are sure to enjoy.