Tortilleria San Roman Review

If you love tortillas then you will surely love what you can find at Tortilleria San Roman. This article will explain to you everything that you want to know about this food shop.

About Tortilleria San Roman

Tortilleria San Roman is one of the famous food stores in South Philadelphia. This business has its office that is located within the center of South Philadelphia, particularly the Italian Market. They mainly offer traditional Salsa and Tortillas made with the use of different home recipes. Whether you want something to eat on a lazy Friday afternoon or you wonder about the best snacks to serve for your guest, you will never go wrong with Tortilleria San Roman.

They are dedicated to offering low fat, gluten free and homemade recipes to choose from. They make use of only the best ingredients and they guarantee that their tortillas are all made fresh each and every day. This is their ultimate secret to their success.

Why Choose Tortilleria San Roman?

At Tortilleria San Roman, they make use of only the best ingredients available in the market. They carefully pick the ingredients they will use so as to ensure that their tortillas are all made delightful and fresh every day. It is the secret to their success and to their best tasting tortillas that you can get today at a price that you can surely afford.

Review: Tortilleria San Roman

Since tortillas are what they sell, they are always giving their very best to provide their customers with foods that will suit their taste buds. They carefully prepare the ingredients to ensure that each piece will taste really good. They want to give the best value for the hard earned money of their clients so what they do is that they work hard to make their tortillas delicious. They are focused on ensuring that all their customers will receive freshly made tortillas.

Tortilleria San Roman has been running for several years until today and many customers say that there are no any other great tasting tortilla chips but only the one they can get with this business. These tortillas are most requested snacks by circles of friends and families in South Philadelphia. And with that, Tortilleria San Roman is selling multiple bags of fresh tortillas every day.

Tortilleria San Roman Philadelphia Review

This business comes with a complete facility where tortillas are to be made and Tortilleria San Roman pays more attention on making their output double and better. This business has been known for providing simple looking but 100% delightful tortillas. A big bag of chips costs $6 and that is not that bad but the tortillas from Tortilleria San Roman are absolutely a steal as they sell them for just $1.25 for a half kilo while it will be $2.25 for a kilo. Their salsas are available in two color options to select from, such as red and green.

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