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Not Just Your Typical Cheesesteaks

Paesano’s Philly Style Sandwich Restaurant Review

Paesano’s Philly Style Sandwich Restaurant Review

“Philly isn’t just about cheesesteaks, but Paesano’s has one the best!” – Yun O. (Owner of Tow Truck Honolulu)

If you are looking for a perfect sandwich shop, Philadelphia locals will tell you none other none Paesano’s. Many locals love Paesano’s Philly Style sandwich, the shop’s specialty and just the best sandwich you can ever enjoy. There are a few reasons why customers love Paesano’s sandwich. For one, everything about the sandwich is done exactly as it should be. Every element of the sandwich is purposeful and deliberate, as a customer said which contributes as to how delicious their sandwiches are.

Unique Philly Style Sandwiches of Italian Inspiration 

One of the things that make the Paesano’s unique and quite the popular restaurant is their very unique Philly Style sandwiches which is Italian inspired. Sandwiches in Paesano are definitely of Philly Style and Italia creation that is perfect for when you want a casual culinary experience.  Paesano was created and opened by Chef Peter McAndrews with the help of his partner, Nathan Baynes, which is a dream come true for the both of them.  (more…)

Tortilleria San Roman Review

Tortilleria San Roman Review

If you love tortillas then you will surely love what you can find at Tortilleria San Roman. This article will explain to you everything that you want to know about this food shop.

About Tortilleria San Roman

Tortilleria San Roman is one of the famous food stores in South Philadelphia. This business has its office that is located within the center of South Philadelphia, particularly the Italian Market. They mainly offer traditional Salsa and Tortillas made with the use of different home recipes. Whether you want something to eat on a lazy Friday afternoon or you wonder about the best snacks to serve for your guest, you will never go wrong with Tortilleria San Roman.

They are dedicated to offering low fat, gluten free and homemade recipes to choose from. They make use of only the best ingredients and they guarantee that their tortillas are all made fresh each and every day. This is their ultimate secret to their success. (more…)