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Not Just Your Typical Cheesesteaks

Paesano’s Philly Style Sandwich Restaurant Review

Paesano’s Philly Style Sandwich Restaurant Review

“Philly isn’t just about cheesesteaks, but Paesano’s has one the best!” – Yun O. (Owner of Tow Truck Honolulu)

If you are looking for a perfect sandwich shop, Philadelphia locals will tell you none other none Paesano’s. Many locals love Paesano’s Philly Style sandwich, the shop’s specialty and just the best sandwich you can ever enjoy. There are a few reasons why customers love Paesano’s sandwich. For one, everything about the sandwich is done exactly as it should be. Every element of the sandwich is purposeful and deliberate, as a customer said which contributes as to how delicious their sandwiches are.

Unique Philly Style Sandwiches of Italian Inspiration 

One of the things that make the Paesano’s unique and quite the popular restaurant is their very unique Philly Style sandwiches which is Italian inspired. Sandwiches in Paesano are definitely of Philly Style and Italia creation that is perfect for when you want a casual culinary experience.  Paesano was created and opened by Chef Peter McAndrews with the help of his partner, Nathan Baynes, which is a dream come true for the both of them.  (more…)

Laurel Restaurant Review

Laurel Restaurant Review

Recommended to me by Ruben B. owner of a tree removal service company.

Laurel is a modern French-American BYOB restaurant you can easily find on the East Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia. When it says Laurel Restaurant in Philadelphia, they simply boast intimate dining of in a relaxing dining room of 226-seat where you will be presented with such a refined menu, either seasonal or local. The Laurel restaurant takes pride in providing best cuisine that’s focused on simplicity and sustainability.

The restaurant is owned by Chef Nicholas Elmi who prepares the food served in the restaurant himself. Chef Elmi offers the customers of Laurel with only a wide variety of options allowing customers to try out and create their own tasty menu. The Laurel BYOB restaurant is East Passyuk Avenue’s latest addition which has recently just gotten national praise. Being a French-American restaurant, Laurel offers customers with a wide range of creative and delectable dishes perfect for customers with the palate for specific types of dishes. (more…)

Bibou Restaurant Review

Restaurant Review: Bibou

Ever heard of Bibou restaurant of Chef Pierre Calmels? It is one of the premium restaurants in Philadelphia that are quite famous with their reputation of delectable French cuisine. Bibou is a tiny restaurant, just a 30 seat French BYOB, here in Bella Vista. One thing that you might find quite a bit irksome is that reservations in Bibou are hard to come by.

Many customers of the said restaurant have all been trying to get reservation at Bibou, but it simply isn’t. What makes it so is that the fact that die hard regulars of the restaurant usually make reservations in quite a regular schedule. That being the case, it is no wonder that Bibou are always so full. With this, you need to make sure you can make reservation quite in advance. (more…)